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Decals in the LN72-500 series are designed by Nils Mathisrud, Mika Jernfors, Laurent Herjean, Ferenc Szeged or Jennings Heilig
LN72-501 is screen printed by Cartograf. LN72-502 and up is screen printed by BOA agency.

Danish Air Force splitflags. these are matched to an real roundel in order to get the correct colour. LN72-D02 NOK 100  
Danish Air Force roundels. these are matched to an real roundel in order to get the correct colour. LN72-D01 NOK 100  
1/87 Danish Military number plates. LN87-DM01 NOK 80  
1/72 Danish Military number plates. LN72-DM01 NOK 80  
  Air Greenland Sikorsky S-61N new cs LN72-546 NOK 120 Cooming soon
Scandinavian Aero L-29's. LN72-545 NOK 80  
Air Greenland DHC-8-100. LN72-544 NOK 120  
Helikopter Service Sikorsky S-61N later scheme. Including masks. LN72-543 NOK 120  
Widerĝe DHC-8-100 new cs LN72-542 NOK 120  
Widerĝe DHC-8-100 old cs LN72-541 NOK 120  
images\1-72\Full\72-540.jpg Fly Viking DHC-8-100, including Norwegian and Canadien registrations. LN72-540 NOK 120  
Norwegian Police EC135 LN72-539 NOK 80  
images\1-72\Full\72-538.jpg Norsk Luftambulanse/Norwegian Air Ambulance EC135 in the old cs LN72-538 NOK 80  
Uni-Fly Helicopter EC135 LN72-537 NOK 60  
Norsk Luftambulanse/Norwegian Air Ambulance EC145 LN72-536 NOK 80  
Transit-Air DHC-3 Otter, includes window masks LN72-535 NOK 80  
Helikopter Service S-61N first cs, also decals for the ones leased by Wiking Helicopters. Includes masks. LN72-534 NOK 100  
images\1-72\Full\72-533.jpg Coast Air BAE 31 Jetstream, last schemes, includes window masks. LN72-533 NOK 100  
Norsk Luftambulanse/Norwegian Air Ambulance EC135, includes the one flying in Denmark. LN72-532 NOK 80  
Sun-Air and leased by Coast Air BAE 31 Jetstream, includes window masks. LN72-531 NOK 100  
Coast Air BAE 31 Jetstream, includes window masks. LN72-530 NOK 100  
DNL Sikorsky S-43 includes window masks. LN72-529 NOK 100  
DNL Junkers 52, includes window masks fitting the Revell kit. LN72-528 NOK 100  
DNL Junkers 34W, includes window masks. LN72-527 NOK 100  
images\1-72\Full\72-526.jpg Cimber including "Flying for SAS" Canadair CRJ200 LN72-526 NOK 100  
Fred Olsen old and new scheme for C-46. Includes
masks for the windows.
LN72-525 NOK 100  
images\1-72\Full\72-524.jpg Busy Bee B737-200 LN72-524 NOK 150  
Norsk Luftambulanse/Norwegian Air Ambulance
MBB Bo-105 short and long versions.
LN72-523 NOK 80  
Fred Olsen last cs DC-4 LN72-522 NOK 100  
Fred Olsen first cs DC-4 LN72-521 NOK 100  
Bergen Air Transport/BAT and Greenlandair DC-4 LN72-520 NOK 100  
images\1-72\Full\72-519.jpg Nordic-Air and Bergen Air Transport/BAT DC-4 LN72-519 NOK 100  
SAS DC-4 first colourscheme LN72-518 NOK 100  
DNL Norwegian Air Lines LN72-517 NOK 100  
DDL Danish Air Lines DC-4 LN72-516 NOK 100  
Greenlandair DHC-6 Twin Otter, old scheme. Includes windows masks. LN72-515 NOK 80  
Greenlandair Beech 200, old scheme. Includes windows masks. For the Mach2, RVHP or Rareplanes kits LN72-514 NOK 80  
Greenlandair Sikorsky S-61N, old scheme. Includes windows masks. For the Revell Sea King + Whirleybird conversion. LN72-513 NOK 80  
images\1-72\Full\72-512.jpg Dornier 228-100/200 Norving, Agderfly, Ratioflug and Air Vendee LN72-512 NOK 100  
D.H.114 Heron Falck Air, Faroe Airways and Cimber Air. LN72-511 NOK 100  
D.H.114 Heron Braathens S.A.F.E. LN72-510 NOK 100  
D.H.114 Heron Fjellfly & West Air Norway LN72-509 NOK 100  
 B737-200's. Braathens S.A.F.E Old and new scheme included, also option for open windows and windshield. LN72-508 NOK 180
Fokker F-27 Braathens S.A.F.E. All 3 schemes included LN-72-507 NOK 120

DHC-2 Beaver & DHC-3 Otter, Widerĝe's
Includes masks for windows
LN-72-506 NOK 100

DC-4, Braathens S.A.F.E. LN-72-505 NOK 100


de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, Widerĝe's, part 2
LN-72-504 NOK 100

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter, Widerĝe's, part 1
LN-72-503 NOK 100

de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, Norving LN-72-502 NOK 75

Noorduyn Norseman, Widerĝe's Flyveselskap and Polarfly

                         SOLD OUT     
LN-72-501 NOK 80