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The LN144-500/200-0 series are designed by Jennings Heilig, Mika Jernfors, Laurent Herjean or BOA agency.
LN144-501 to LN144-512 is screen printed by Cartograf. LN144-513 and up is screen printed by BOA agency.

1/200 !! Norwegian B787 EI-LNA "Sonja Henie" LN200-01 NOK 100  
1/200 !! Norwegian B787 EI-LNB "Thor Heyerdahl" LN200-02 NOK 100  
1/200 !! Braathens SAFE B767-205 LN200-03 NOK 80  
images\1-144\Full\200-04.jpg 1/200 !! Braathens SAFE B737-200 old and new scheme. This is our 1/144 that is beeing reduced to 1/200 LN200-04 NOK 80  
images\1-144\Full\200-05.jpg 1/200 !!  Norwegian B737-800W LN-NOL with the 6000th tail. This is our 1/144 that is beeing reduced to 1/200 LN200-05 NOK 80  
1/200 !!  Busy Bee B737-200. This is our 1/144 that is beeing reduced to 1/200 LN200-06 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS DC-9's old colours LN200-07 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS DC-9/MD80's new colours LN200-08 NOK 80  
1/200 !! Norwegian B787-900 EI-LNI Greta Garbo LN200-09 NOK 100  
1/200 !! Norwegian B787-800 EI-LNE
Roald Amundsen
LN200-10 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\200-11.jpg 1/200 !!  Star Air Boeing B767-200F's,old and new scemes. LN200-11 NOK 100  
1/200 !! SAS Airbus A319 Retro cs LN200-12 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS Airbus A319/321 LN200-13 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS Braathens B737's LN200-14 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS MD80 Star Alliance cs LN200-15 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS B737-800 Star Alliance cs LN200-16 NOK 80  
1/200 !! Atlantic Airways Airbus A320 LN200-17 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS Boeing B737-600/700/800 LN200-18 NOK 80  
1/200 !! Norwegian B787-900 G-CKNA "Freddie Mercury" tail hero LN200-19 NOK 100  
1/200 !! SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RGI 70 years scheme. You need to paint the blue.. LN200-20 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RPM second Eurobonus scheme LN200-21 NOK 80  
1/200 !! SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RPM first Eurobonus scheme LN200-22 NOK 80  
SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RPM first Eurobonus scheme LN144-591 NOK 100  
SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RPM second Eurobonus scheme LN144-590 NOK 100  
SAS Boeing B737-800 LN-RGI 70 years scheme. You need to paint the blue.. LN144-589 NOK 100  
Norwegian B787-900 G-CKNA "Freddie Mercury" tail hero LN144-588 NOK 100  
SAS Boeing B737-600/700/800 LN144-587 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\144-586.jpg Fly Nonstop Embraer EMB190 LN144-586 NOK 100  
Atlantic Airways Airbus A320 LN144-585 NOK 100  
Star Air Boeing B767-200F's,old and new scemes. LN144-584 NOK 100  

Norwegian B737-800 EI-FJD Miguel de Cervantes

LN144-583 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 EI-FHI/G-NRWY Carl Nielsen LN144-582 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-DYU Jørn Utzon + Wifi cs LN144-581 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-NGE Unicef LN144-580 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-NGY Sigrid Undset LN144-579 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\144-578.jpg Norwegian B737-800 LN-DYG Jenny Lind LN144-578 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-NGG Gunnar Sønsteby LN144-577 NOK 100  
Norwegian B787-800 EI-LNE Roald Amundsen LN144-576 NOK 100  
Vietjet Airbus A321 VN-A651 9000th Airbus Aircraft LN144-575 NOK 100  
Vietjet Airbus A320's HD Bank and Vietnam colour schemes LN144-574 NOK 100  


Norwegian B787-900 Greta Garbo LN144-573 NOK 100  
DNL Junkers 52, includes masks for thr windows. LN144-572 NOK 80  
DAT Airbus A320 LN144-571 NOK 100  
Cimber including "Flying for SAS" Canadair CRJ200 LN144-570 NOK 80  
images\1-144\Full\144-569.jpg Fred Olsen old and new scheme for C-46 LN144-569 NOK 80  
Fred Olsen old and new scheme for DC-4 LN144-568 NOK 90  
Bergen Air Transport/BAT and Greenlandair DC-4 LN144-567 NOK 90  
Nordic-Air and Bergen Air Transport/BAT DC-4 LN144-566 NOK 90  
SAS DC-4 First colourscheme LN144-565 NOK 80  
DNL Norwegian Air Lines DC-4 LN144-564 NOK 80  
images\1-144\Full\144-563.jpg DDL Danish Air Lines DC-4 LN144-563 NOK 80  
images\1-144\Full\144-562.jpg Sterling.dk or .com Boeing B737-800's LN144-562 NOK 100  
Primera Boeing B737-800's LN144-561 NOK 100  
Braathens SAFE B767-205 LN144-560 NOK 100  
SAS B737-883 LN-RRL in Star Alliance cs LN144-559 NOK 100  
SAS MD82 OY-KHE in Star Alliance cs Ln144-558 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\144-557.jpg Norwegian B787 EI-LNB "Thor Heyerdahl" LN144-557 NOK 100  
Trans-Polar Boeing 720, including decals to built EI-ANA when she was operated by Aer Lingus in Trans-Polar scheme. LN144-556 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\144-555.jpg Conair Boeing 720/720B's LN144-555 NOK 100  
images\1-144\Full\144-554.jpg Sterling DC-8-63's LN144-554 NOK 100  
SAS  Airbus A320's LN144-553 NOK 100  
Norwegian B787 EI-LNA "Sonja Henie" LN144-552 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-NGI "Wenche Foss" LN144-551 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-DYF "Fridtjof Nansen" LN144-550 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-DYD "H.C.Andersen" LN144-549 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-NOM "Gretha Garbo" LN144-548 NOK 100  
Norwegian B737-800 LN-DYC "Max Manus" LN144-547 NOK 100  
SAS ATR72's including EC-LSN in AZUL colours LN144-546 NOK 80  
www.vildanden.com ATR42's LN144-545 NOK 80  
SAS Convair CV440 2 early schemes LN144-544 NOK 100  
SAS Convair CV440 last scheme LN144-543 NOK 100  
Internord Convair CV990A LN144-542 NOK 100  
Cimber Sterling B737-700's LN144-541 NOK 75  
SAS MD87 SE-DIP in Copenhagen 96 scheme LN144-540 NOK 75  
Atlantic Airways A319 LN144-539 NOK 75  
Color Air B737-300's LN144-538 NOK 75  
Scanair MD80's with the famous cartoons. LN144-537 NOK 75  
Norwegian LN-KKR in Slovak Airlines colours and EC-IFN leased from Futura with Norwegian titles. LN144-536 NOK 60  
Norway Airlines MD83 & MD87, includes also Transwede titles. LN144-535 NOK 75  
SAS Convair CV-990A Coronado, including "Leased to Thai" LN144-534 NOK 100  
Braathens Boeing B737-400/500/700 "Northern light" scheme.
Also including the engine logos that was used in the beginning
of the next scheme, with waiving flag on tail. These has to be used together with LN144-510.
LN144-533 NOK 75  
Fred Olsen Lockheed L-188 Electra, including the "black beauty", as operated for A dec C. LN144-532 NOK 100  
SAS Canadair CRJ900. Decal has as a bonus also Norwegian and
Swedish registrations for SAS A330/340 in 1/144 to be used with
the Revell SAS A340 decal.
LN144-531 NOK 80  
Braathens SAFE B737-505 LN-BRJ "Olympiaflyet". 3 different
versions of the scheme is included.
LN144-530 NOK 80  
SAS MD-82 Lillehammer 94 colours LN144-529 NOK 100




Braathens SAFE B737-200's LN-SUZ & YS-08-C.
LN-SUZ in VASP colours and YS-08-C in TACA colours


LN144-528 NOK 75  
Norway Airlines B737-300's, including the Air Europe versions LN144-527 NOK 75  
Braathens SAFE Fokker F-27 LN144-526 NOK 100  
MEY-AIR, Boeing 737-200 LN144-525 NOK 75

Braathens SAFE B737-200, original and revised scheme LN144-524 NOK 100

Braathens SAFE, B737-400 LN-BRI "Vi flyr Drillos" LN144-523 NOK 75

Braathens SAFE, DC-4 LN144-522 NOK 100

SAS, DC-9 & MD80 LN144-521 NOK 100

Braathens SAFE "Sommerflyet", Boeing B737-200 & B737-500 LN144-520 NOK 75

SAS, DC-7C and 7CF LN144-519 NOK 100

Norwegian, LN-NOG, Henrik Ibsen, Boeing 737-800 LN144-518 NOK 100

Norwegian, LN-NOD, Sonja Henie, Boeing 737-800


LN144-517 NOK 100
Norwegian, LN-NOC, Ole Bull, Boeing 737-800 LN144-516 NOK 100

Norwegian, LN-NOB, Edvard Grieg, Boeing 737-800 LN144-515 NOK 100
Norwegian, LN-NOL, 6000th Boeing 737 tail, Boeing 737-800 LN144-514 NOK 100

SAS, BAE 146/RJ-70/RJ85/RJ100 LN144-513 NOK 75

Scanair, Douglas DC-8-62/63, includes old logo to be used with
decal sheet LN144-504
LN144-512 NOK 80

SAS, Douglas DC-8-62/63, final colours LN144-511 NOK 80

Braathens, Boeing 737-405/505/705, last scheme LN144-510 NOK 75

Busy Bee, Boeing 737-200 LN144-509 NOK 75

SAS Snowflake, Boeing 737-883 & MD-82 LN144-508 NOK 75

SAS, with H.C. Andersen 2005, Airbus A319 & A321. This decal is now reprinted by BOA Agency LN144-507 NOK 100

Braathens SAFE, Boeing 737-400/500 LN144-506 NOK 75

Norwegian, "Kandidaten", Boeing 737-300 LN144-505 NOK 75

SAS old colour scheme, Douglas DC-8-55/62/63 LN144-504 NOK 100


SAS "Retro" colour scheme, Airbus A319 This decal is now reprinted by BOA Agency          

LN144-503 NOK 100

SAS, Douglas DC-9-21/32/33/41

This decal is now reprinted by BOA Agency

LN144-502 NOK 80

SAS Braathens, Boeing 737-500/600/700/800

This decal is now reprinted by BOA Agency

LN144-501 NOK 100